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Peru celebrates some 3,000 festivals a year. Most of them are held in homage to a patron saint and are part of the Christian calendar adopted in colonial times, although they have blended with the magical beliefs of ancient forms of worship.

These religious festivals occur alongside pagan celebrations dating back to ancestral myths in native communities in the jungle, as well as dozens of festivals created over the following centuries. Peru's festivals form a radiant rainbow, whose colors blend with sounds, textures and a vigorous theatrical concept aimed at reinventing history and producing a celebratory synthesis of Man and the Earth goddess, the Pachamama.


Peru Tourism Calendar & most famous festivities along the year:

Chalpon Cross
August 5th


Santa Rosa of Lima
30th August


Pachamama Raymi or Earth Mother Day
1st August


Virgen de las Nieves (Virgin of the snows)
August 5th


Feast of Saint Mary of the Assumption
August 7th – 15th


"Mama Ashu" Virgin of the Assumption
13th - 22nd August


Fiesta de la Virgen de la Asunción (Feast of Assumption Mary) August 15th


Anniversary of the Spanish Founding of Huanuco 15th August


Anniversary of Callao
August 20th


Yaku Raymi (Water Festival)
August 20th – 26th


Regional Festival for the World Folklore Day
August 20-22


August 24th – 31st

Tourist Week and Feast of the Oxapampa Patron Saint 25th – 31th August  

Reincorporation of Tacna into Peru
August 28th


Anniversary of the city of Arequipa


Chalpón Cross


August / first week
Lambayeque Region
Location: Motupe (29 masl / 95 fasl). 90 km / 56 miles from Chiclayo.
Climate: warm.
Average temperature: 21ºC (70ºF).
This devotion started in the XVII century when a miracle-making wooden cross, saved the town from imminent flooding. Ever since, the spot is a pilgrimage center for thousands of believers who arrive to thank for favors granted. There is a Peruvian Paso horse show on this date too, as well as musical band contests and typical food tasting.

By plane: Lima - Chiclayo (1 h).By road: Lima - Chiclayo770 km / 478 miles (12 h), along the North Pan-American Highway.

Saint Rose of Lima


August / 30
Metropolitan Lima
Location: downtown Lima (154 masl / 505 fasl).
Climate: humid and semi-warm.
Average temperature: 19ºC (66ºF).
Saint Rose of Lima is the name that made Isabel Flores de Oliva famous. She was a pious Lima woman of the XVII century with great religious inclination and given to serving the sick. The Vatican named her Patroness of the Americas and the Philippines.
Her sanctuary in downtown Lima is visited by the faithful asking for a miracle. On this date, visitors to the hermitage she built is visited and drop letters into the well where she dropped the key to her cilice.

Sanctuary in downtown Lima, Tacna Ave., block 1.

Pachamama Raymi or Earth Mother Day / 1st August
The entire department. Cusco

On this day, the following festivals takes place: Pachamamaraymi in the District of Ccatca, Wataqallariy in the District of Maras, and Kinturaymi in Huasao in the District of Oropesa. This is an Andean ritual that worships and gives tribute to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) in a special ceremony called “payment to the earth” with offerings of coca leaves, chicha de jora, and huayruro seeds (mystical jungle seeds). The rite marks the beginning of the Andean New Year.



Virgen de las Nieves (Virgin of the snows) / August 5th
Province of Parinacochas, District of Cora Cora. Ayacucho

This religious festival consists of cultural activities, fairs, exhibitions, and bull fights where nationally and internationally renowned toreros participate.



Feast of Saint Mary of the Assumption– August 7th – 15th
Province of Chachapoyas, Amazonas

The image of the Virgin is carried through the city streets of Chachapoyas, which are covered with multicolored carpets of flowers. Many cultural activities, artisanal and agricultural fairs, dances, typical food tasting, and Peruvian Paso horse presentations take place.



"Mama Ashu" Virgin of the Assumption / 13th - 22nd August
Province of Asuncion, District of Chacas. Ancash

Liturgical, social, cultural and sporting activities take place.



Fiesta de la Virgen de la Asunción (Feast of Assumption Mary)/ August 15th
Province of Cangallo, District of Cangallo. Ayacucho

A religious festival full of cultural activities, Peruvian Paso horse demonstrations, bull fights, fairs, exhibitions, and traditional dancing.

Anniversary of the Spanish Founding of Huanuco / 15th August
Province of Huanuco Huánuco

An agricultural, industrial, and handicraft fair is organized, as well as performances by musical groups and excursions to the main regional tourist attractions.

Anniversary of Callao / August 20th

The creation of the Littoral Province of Callao, which granted political autonomy to Callao in 1836, is commemorated during this event. Today, an important Salsa Dance Festival, which gathers the best national and international singers and bands, is organized. The Regional Government of Callao organizes a large boat race (Corso) and a folklore parade contest, in which private companies, public and educational institutions, and the general public participate.

Yaku Raymi (Water Festival) / August 20th – 26th
Province of Lucanas, District of Andamarca (Carmen Solcedo) . Ayacucho

It is a ceremony to clean the canals accompanied by the pagapu, an ancient rite of giving thanks to the Pachamama or Mother Earth and the Andean gods, a contest among the Danzantes de Tijera (Scissors Dances), and other ancestral celebrations.

Regional Festival for the World Folklore Day – August 20-22
Districts of Yarinacocha and PucallpaUcayali

There are regional cultural knowledge contests as well as those for food, indigenous and mixed-race dance, clothing, and handicraft. Miss Folklore is also chosen.

EXPOSUR – August 24th – 31st
Province of Tacna, District of Tacna Tacna

The event happens in the PeruPark. It is a commercial fair where the main agricultural, fishing, artisanal, and industrial products are exhibited.

Tourist Week and Feast of the Oxapampa Patron Saint / 25th – 31th August
Province of Oxapampa Pasco

The week begins with a mass and a procession in honor of Santa Rosa of Lima. There are also beauty contests, a motocross race, agricultural fairs, and sampling of typical food

Reincorporation of Tacna into Peru – August 28th
Province of Tacna, District of Tacna Tacna

A civic parade and the passage of the flag happen to commemorate the reintroduction of the city of Tacna into Peru.

Anniversary of the city of Arequipa / August
Province of Arequipa, District of Arequipa. Arequipa

For this celebration, the city organizes the International Fair of Arequipa located on MountJuli, artisanal exhibitions in the Fundo El Fierro, the Festidanza dance festival, and the international Climb Mount Misti contest. The main day, 15th August , is when the Friendship Parade takes place.



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